Chairman of TP-PKK Jember Review MSMe typical of Jombang village and target Batik Marketing in Europe

Diskominfo Jember - Chairman of TP-PKK Dra. Hj. Kasih Fajarini revisited Monitoring and Evaluation of the "Integrated Development program of PKK Sehat Lestari Plan Program" at Jombang Village Office of Jombang Subdistrict on Monday, November 15, 2021. 

Camat Jombang, Head of Jombang Village, Muspika Jombang Subdistrict and all members of PKK Regency, Subdistrict and Village were also present on the agenda. 

Subdistrict head of Jombang, Moh. Suryadi and all his staff welcomed the arrival of the Chairman of TP-PKK with Gambyong Dance from Sanggar Anjasmoro. The dance is a typical Javanese classical dance to welcome guests of honor. 

"Welcome to Jombang Village. Hopefully the arrival of the Chairman of TP-PKK and her entourage can spur the achievements of the PKK in Jombang Subdistrict," Suryadi said in his speech.

"Jombang district consists of 6 (six) villages with the livelihood of the majority of residents, namely farmers. Besides being able to spur the achievements of the PKK in Jombang Subdistrict, hopefully the arrival of Kasih brings blessings to the people of Jombang," he added.

Following up on this, Kasih Fajarini conveyed the Integrated Development Program of PKK Sehat Lestari Program This plan has been running for 15 days with the agenda of Monitoring evaluation of AKI, AKB and stunting decline in 31 districts in Jember Regency. 

In addition, she invited all parties to synergize in advancing MSMEs in Jember. It aims to maximize the potential of Jember Regency.

"I will choose MSMEs from 31 sub-districts in Jember that I will market in Pasar Jaya Jakarta. Alhamdulillah, I have met with the Director of Pasar Jaya who is ready to cooperate with the Jember Provincial Government. Likewise with Rumah Indonesia, an Indonesian exhibition that invites me to carry out exhibitions in europe," She explained. 

A series of events continued with direct monitoring of Jombang's typical MSME products such as Ikan Kutuk, Batik Pritis, and posyandu monitoring and vaccination in Jombang Village. (am)